Horseco Technology

Horseco's business platform.

Big Ideas. Simple Execution.

As one of the few industry providers to maintain its own internal development team, Horseco Inc. maintains a commitment to technology and innovation that is second to none.


Horseco Inc. clients can rest assured that they will consistently garner best-in-class technology solutions.

Horseco Technology and R&D Efforts Include:
  • Platform Independent Software Access
  • Integrated Products & Management Tools Within Free Software System
  • Global Solutions Residing on $12BB Infrastructure
  • In-House Research & Development Teams
  • 99.9% System Uptime & Reliability
  • Monthly Software Upgrades & Releases
  • Strategic Partnerships with Data & Integration Providers
  • Over 80,000 Man Hours Invested in R&D to Date
  • Operates within Microsoft’s Worldwide Cloud
  • Globally Located Data Centers