Horse Sales

Online, process-driven horse sales.

Sales Horse Pic

Horse Sales Simplified

Horseco's 3rd Quarter 2017 Sales platform launch provides owners, consignors, and agents with the most comprehensive online sales platform in the industry.

Horseco Sales was developed from the ground up to facilitate horse sales in a structured, process-driven manner, providing a flexible, low-cost, secure platform to trade horses.

Functions & Processes

Features included in Horseso Sales.

Third-Party Buyer & Seller Authentication

Windows Media, Document Repositories, and Multi-physical Inspection

Contract Facilitation, Settlement Statements

Structured Sales Process Including Flexible Terms Establishment

Online Bidding

Live Sales’ Books & Structured Classifieds

Owner, Agent, & Consignor-Friendly

Breeding Stock, Shares, Racing Prospects, Equestrian \ Show & Off-Track

Economic Pricing Structure