Horseco Exchange

Where Mares & Stallions Compete For Each Other

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Simple Exchanges

Using business practices commonly found in today's lending, retail and travel environments, Horseco Exchange's technology marketplace provides stallion farms with a platform to sell stallion seasons.

This is done while providing mare owners with a FREE platform to get the best business deal for the breeding of their mare.

Equal Value to All Participants

Through our system, mare owners save money and find the best deal possible by comparison shopping for free.

Stallion owners can increase inquiry volume & exposure for their farm and stallions while garnering prospective owners.

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Easy-to-Use Technology

Horseco Exchange provides mare owners with a simplified interface for quickly submitting their mare to multiple farms and stallions.

Once submitted, both farms and mare owners utilize the Horseco management console to coordinate the best deal. Our service includes real-time communication alerts coupled with an interactive data dashboard.

Horseco Exchange is accessible from a standard web browser, is PCI security compliant, and provides secure, reliable negotiation.